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Are you living the life you want?

A personal coaching system that can help you design the life you want.

Start with the Create the Life You Want workshop and from there, you can move up to Life Mastery System.

Life Mastery System

The Managerial Moment of Truth

This program will be done by Robert Fritz. Write to us for more details.

About us

Together, we change our world

We live in a time of paradox, contradiction, opportunity, and above all, CHANGE. To the fearful, change is threatening because they worry things may get worse. To the hopeful, change is encouraging because they feel things may get better. At COLT ACADEMY, we believe change is a stimulus because we believe every person can make a difference and influence what goes on around them.

We want to play our part to be Masters of Change – to build a community of leaders, reorient their activities in untried directions and learn new skills to bring about higher levels of achievement and increased innovation.

COLT ACADEMY is more than a training provider – we want to provide a platform for people who share our vision to learn, and eventually to share what they have learnt with others, to be masters of change themselves.

Fundamentals of Structural Thinking

The Managerial Moment of Truth is based on a powerful new concept that can dramatically improve performance and increase productivity, at no cost, in virtually any company or organization. Developed by organizational consultant and bestselling author Robert Fritz and proven in practice by co-author Bruce Bodaken, the chairman, president, and CEO of Blue Shield of California, this 6-hour course provides a dynamic technique to help people face up to reality and confront the truth in order to correct mistakes, learn from past performance, and adjust processes to build a more successful organization. 

The good news is: YOU, yes, you can take charge of your life. Now. If not now, when?


"Trainers are very engaging and that helps in our learning. The course is very helpful in my finding an outcome for my life as well as for my friends. I will surely introduce this workshop to my fellow colleagues. Thank you, Jessica and Patrick for this opportunity to be able to give me a time of reflection of my life before it ends." - Vivian Gan, Senior Associate Executive

"The training is fantastic! Previously, I feel a bit helpless towards the goal I want to achieve due to many obstacles. This training help me to breakthrough my restricting beliefs and direct me closer to my goals." - Tan Junhao, Programming Coach